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Spelunky for Vita reduced to half price in Sony's '12 Deals of Christmas' promotion
by Harry Slater 3/12/2013
Product: Spelunky
Developer: Mossmouth
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Adventure, Platform
Gold Award-winning platformer Spelunky is the latest game to have its price cut in half as part of Sony's "12 Deals of Christmas" promotion.

Although as I type this, the deal isn't live on PSN, so don't go buy it full price and then shout at me that I lied to you.

At review, we said that "Spelunky is a game that you need to own right this second, especially if you've never played it before. Just prepare to lose a large portion of your life to those depths."

The game will set you back just £5.49 when the deal does (eventually) go live, but it'll only last for 48 hours. Oh, and if you're a PS Plus subscriber, you'll get an extra ten percent off the ticket price, too.

Seriously, stop making excuses and go buy Spelunky. We'll keep you posted about other handheld deals from Sony as and when they happen.

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