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[Update] Launch windows for Vita versions of Spelunky, Stealth Inc., Luftrausers, and Lone Survivor confirmed in new Sony print ad
by Harry Slater 4/7/2013
Product: Spelunky
Developer: Mossmouth
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Adventure, Platform
Updated on July 4th at 16:42:
According to Curve Studios, Sony's print ad isn't completely accurate.

Lone Survivor will actually be released on Vita in August rather than later this month. We hope that doesn't ruin your gaming plans too much.

Original story follows...

If you're a fan of indie games and you like carrying a PS Vita around with you, the next couple of months are going to feel like you've died and gone to gaming heaven.

In a recent print advert in MCV, Sony has confirmed release windows for four of the most eagerly anticipated Vita indies: Spelunky, Luftrausers, Stealth Inc., and Lone Survivor.

Spelunky is a hardcore platformer crossed with a roguelike. It features a permadeath mechanic and randomly generated levels. Its bite-sized structure should be a perfect fit for Vita. That'll be out in July.

It'll be joined on Vita this month by Stealth Inc. - A Clone in the Dark (a.k.a. The Game Formerly Known as Stealth Bastard). It's another platformer that features lots of lasers, spikes, and patrolling guards.

And rounding off July's hot Vita treats is Lone Survivor.

This is a survival-horror game set in a dying city that's been stricken by disease. You need to get out, but there are choices to be made along the way.

Do you shoot or sneak? Sleep or take drugs to stay awake? Every choice influences the unfolding narrative, so there's plenty of scope for replaying Lone Survivor in different ways.


In August, Ridiculous Fishing dev Vlambeer's Luftrausers will debut on Vita.

Luftrausers is a tense arcade dogfighter in which you blast as many enemies out of the sky as you can. There are more than 125 weapons here for you to get to grips with.

All in all, then, it's set to be a pretty brilliant summer for PS Vita indie gamers. Have fun.

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