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Soul Sacrifice wraps up DLC with 16 new quests, goes out with a massive bang
by Matthew Diener 8/10/2013
Product: Soul Sacrifice
Developer: Marvelous
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Action, RPG
The Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning action RPG Soul Sacrifice received a massive update on the PlayStation network.

This update, 1.30 for those who like decimals, brings with it the last of the additional content planned for the game - so you might want to have some tissues handy if you've enjoyed the previous DLC packs.

Happily, however, the update won't leave you wanting for content or challenges. A post on The PlayStation Blog confirms that the 1.30 update brings 16 quests to your journal in the form of Forgotten Pacts.

The pacts won't be fluffy pushovers either, as they're all rated at a difficulty level of 10 and promise rematches with some of Soul Sacrifices more memorable bosses.

While it's always sad to see a DLC schedule end, the good news is that Soul Sacrifice as a franchise isn't ending here. Sony announced a new, fairy tale-focused installment dubbed Soul Sacrifice Delta back in September and talks for a sequel are apparently well in the works.

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