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Soul Sacrifice's battle theme is soul-stirring
by Matthew Diener 8/2/2013
Product: Soul Sacrifice
Developer: Marvelous
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Action, RPG
One great and often overlooked aspect of Vita games is how good their accompanying soundtracks often are.

While we're still eagerly awaiting the release of Soul Sacrifice - April 30 for North America and May 1 for Europe – we now have a good idea of what the game will sound like thanks to a post that appeared on The PlayStation Blog.

Veteran composer Yasunori Mitsuda, who worked alongside Nobuo Uematsu on Chrono Trigger, released a sneak preview of battle theme for Soul Sacrifice and it's every bit as exciting as the trailer that we saw back at Gamescom '12.

Strike up the band

The soundtrack for Soul Sacrifice was recorded at the legendary Skywalker Sound recording studio and features a full orchestra, an accompanying choir, and an electric guitar for good measure.

These elements all combine to form a theme that easily switches from sweeping, epic grandeur to urgent intensity. With any luck, the rest of the soundtrack will follow the battle theme's impressive lead.

Mitsuda will be joined on the Soul Sacrifice soundtrack by Wataru Hokoyama, who provided orchestral compositions for Resident Evil 5.

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