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Pocket Gamer Podcast: Episode 271 - Recurring Twitch
by James Gilmour 25/4/2014
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This week, Peter and I take to the AppSpy Twitch airwaves for another live episode of the Pocket Gamer Podcast.

Joining us from the States for the first time is 148Apps editor Rob Rich, who brings with him a wealth of iOS expertise, and some gripes about Final Fantasy protagonists.

We talk about the upcoming 3DS sequels for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Ace Attorney, as well as potential new content for critically acclaimed iOS puzzler Monument Valley.

Third Eye Crime: Act 1 is the first of the week's new releases to be discussed, followed by fluffy platformer Leo's Fortune and Platinum Award-winning roguelike Wayward Souls.

Finally, I share some misgivings about The Wolf Among Us, while Peter champions controversial freemium stunt racer Trials: Frontier.

In case you were wondering what all that might look like in video form, you can watch the show in its entirety below.

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