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Pocket Gamer Podcast: Episode 265 - The Beak of Truth
by James Gilmour 14/3/2014
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This week, Peter, Keith, and I sat in front of our respective mics as usual to discuss the most pressing and pertinent developments in the world of mobile gaming.

However, it's not long before I'm complaining about my kitchen being flooded, and Peter's telling stories about developers inviting him behind curtains to see what's under their raincoats.

The subject of games does eventually raise its neglected head, mind.

Specifically, we try to determine if mobile gamers really want an Angry Birds RPG, and we take a look at Anomaly creator 11 bit studios's upcoming survival-horror game This War of Mine.

Finally, I nuke the UK in First Strike, and Peter defends his generous scoring of Yoshi's New Island.

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