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Pocket Gamer Podcast: Episode 262 - IMGA inquiries and BAFTA banter
by James Gilmour 21/2/2014
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It's awards season again.

This means lots of AAA console game devs in expensive frocks are about to congratulate one another on making that game where a man shoots a gun and another man falls over.

To celebrate the diversity of mobile gaming, however, Peter, Keith, and I decided to discuss the mobile games that have been highlighted by the IMGA and BAFTA panels during this week's podcast.

What's more, we're delighted to report there's barely a gun in sight, with games like The Room 2, Year Walk, and Papa Sangre II all getting nods from the judges.

Plus, I share my concerns about Final Fantasy VI, and Peter complains about the crap narratives in F2P games.

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