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This week on the PS Vita Store: Jacob Jones, Star Wars Pinball, and Velocity Ultra
by Mike Rose 15/5/2013
Product: PlayStation Vita
Manufacturer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Format: PS Vita
My dear PS Vita owners, please come in. Have a seat, take your coat off, make yourself comfortable.

Now if you'll turn your attention to the PlayStation Store just there, you'll find a huge number of new games for you to check out this week.

Yes indeed, Sony has very much delivered. There are some great new titles to grab, and even a lovely surprise if you're a PS Plus subscriber.

Read on, for the full scoop.

Full-price releases

Here's something lovely to start with: the first episode of Jacob Jones And The Bigfoot Mystery is now available for £1.59 / $2.99.

That's a ridiculously good price for a good 3+ hours of Professor Layton-style puzzling. I'm not going to force you to buy it or anything, but I will say that if you don't you're probably a racist.

Star Wars Pinball is a Wookie-flavoured spin-off from Zen Studios. When we reviewed the mobile version, we said "these three tables will delight Star Wars fans more than the news of Disney's acquisition of future film rights did". 

Notably, you can give it a download and play before you pay for it, which is nice. If you're smitten, it's £7.99 / $9.99 for this bad boy.

And what about Velocity Ultra? It's a revamped version of the original, glorious space-faring PSP title, and if it's anything like the first game, it'll no doubt be marvellous.

You can grab that for £6.49, or wait for our review first. Well, except if you're a PS Plus subscriber - read on in that case!

There's also Sound Shapes DLC - the Dubstep Sound Pack and the 80s Sound Pack, both of which cost £0.79 / $0.99 each.

PlayStation Plus games and offers

There are free games this week for PS Plus subscribers on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Velocity Ultra is free to European subscribers, which is pretty fantastic. Get it downloaded.

And American PS Plus subbers will find that Knytt Underground is now free to download - another great Vita game for free.

Oh Sony, do you spoil us *giggle*

PlayStation Mobile releases

PS Mobile - your turn now. First off is Flight of the Turtle, which appears to be an endless runner (flyer?) about grabbing stars, and dodging birds. It's basically Jetpack Joyride. £1.59 for that.

Merum isn't a game. It's a memo application with plenty of typos on show in the screenshots. It costs £1.19. Avoid.

Reversi Multiboard Pro is the classic board game, with various board setups, a board editor, and the ability to download online boards. Could prove useful for Reversi enthusiasts, if such a thing exists. That's £3.19.

Finally, Tileogo, is all about shifting tiles around to rack up points. It looks pretty basic, but who knows - looks can be deceiving. That costs £1.59.

There's no PSP and PSone games this week, ending a near-perfect run. See you next week!
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