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This week on the PS Vita Store: Persona 4 Golden, Ragnarok Odyssey, and Urban Trial Freestyle
by Mike Rose 20/2/2013
Product: PlayStation Vita
Manufacturer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Format: PS Vita
Games! New games! New downloadable games! New downloadable games for Vita!

Yay, got there in the end.

The PlayStation Store is awash with fresh delights this week - everything from hugely popular RPGs to cheeky rip-offs. There's even a demo or two that you might want to grab.

And that's before we even mention the freebies and discounts available through PS Plus this week. Oh, and the free PlayStation Mobile game you can grab. For free.

Let's get cracking...

Full-price releases

Listen closely, Europeans: the PS Vita's best game ever is now available on our dear continent. We are talking, of course, about Persona 4 Golden.

Don't believe me? Read our Persona 4 Golden review and you'll soon change your tune. The digital version will set you back £34.99, although you can probably find it for cheaper than that at retail.

That's not the only notable RPG out this week as a downloadable.

Ragnarok Odyssey has also decided to make an appearance in the PS Vita online store this week, you see. We'll have a review of this new role-playing game up on the site soon, but it costs £24.99 if you want to just go for it.

Urban Trial Freestyle, meanwhile, is a cheeky Trials Evolution rip-off. In it - the former, that is - you ride a bike over and under obstacles.

From what I've read, it's meant to be pretty so-so. But if you don't own an Xbox 360, then this may prove a suitable alternative to RedLynx's racing game. Urban Trial Freestyle costs £7.99 / $9.99.

Pro Foosball is a game about foosball. The last game on Vita about foosball wasn't very good. Will this one be any different? A £3.99 price tag stands between you and your finding out the answer.

As for demos, well, there's Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. This looks absolutely lovely, so you'll probably want to pick the demo up at the very least.

PlayStation Plus games and offers

Here's what you can look forward to this week if you're a PS Plus subscriber.

First off, Lumines Electronic Symphony is completely free for European PS Plus subscribers. Grab it - it's grand.

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation has 30 per cent off its list price, which means it's now going for £27.99. Not a bad price, but you can get it for less than that on the high street.

And there's a 20 per cent discount on that newly released Urban Trial Freestyle game, which makes it just that little bit sweeter for both Europeans and Americans.

PlayStation Mobile releases

It's the final week of Sony's free PS Mobile games promotion, so make sure you pick up OMG Zombies while it's got that zero price tag around its neck.

In terms of new content this week, there's Tobipen for £1.19. It's an infinite-running game, and, in all honesty, it looks tame. Be wary.

Next up is Castle Invasion, which appears to be a simple castle defence game. It costs 40p, so not the world's biggest gamble.

And Popopo Garden is... well, honestly, I have no idea. In the description, the developer notes: "Popopo is weak in stress and will disappear if it gathers each other!" Yes. 79p for that.

PSP and PSone Classics

There's a whole raft of PSP titles for you to download on your Vita this week. Let's dig in.

Patapon 3 is a classic rhythm game, and it's great fun. Read the review up there - yep, just there - if you don't believe me. It costs $19.99.

Generation of Chaos: Pandora's Reflection, on the other hand, is a brand-new release. It's a Japanese RPG, and it's currently receiving some good reviews. It may well be worth checking out. $19.99 for that.

And Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi is the latest instalment in the Hakuoki anime series. This retails for $24.99. I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about the Hakuoki series, but maybe you do.

And that's your lot. Back again next week, chaps.
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