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Ice Silver Vita coming to Asian territories on February 28th
by James Gilmour 18/2/2013
Product: PlayStation Vita
Manufacturer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Format: PS Vita
You may have already heard that Sony has decided to drop the price of the PS Vita in Japan from February 28th.

However, if you find black version passe, and don't mind dropping a few extra yen to pick up something special, you might want to check out the newly-announced Ice Silver Vita.

Priced at HK$2,280 (around £189 / $294), this metallic addition to the Vita family is scheduled to go on sale in Hong Kong the same day Sony cuts the price of the standard unit.

After hitting store shelves in Hong Kong, the Ice Silver Vita - which is only available in wi-fi flavour - will also go on sale in Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

Unfortunately for western Vita lovers, there's no word on an EU or US launch date for the Ice Silver Vita yet (if we can expect one at all).

In the meantime, you'll just have to look at the pretty images above, and hope that the Vita's fortunes pick up enough to justify a global roll-out.

The Ice Silver Vita will go on sale February 28th in Hong Kong, and will come bundled with a copy of Phantasy Star Online 2.
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