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This week on the PS Vita Store: Big Sky Infinity, Surge, and War Of Sonria
by Mike Rose 13/12/2012
Product: PlayStation Vita
Manufacturer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Format: PS Vita
There isn't a huge number of games out for PS Vita on the PlayStation Store this week, but what is there is mighty decent.

If you're a PS Plus subscribers, you'll definitely want to head down to the store this week and grab yourself a new free game.

Everyone else? Well, it's worth checking the store out anyway, as one of the best PS Vita games of the year has just launched. No joke!

Here goes nothing...

Full-price releases

So, to that mighty decent game we were talking about: Big Sky Infinity is out this week, and it costs £7.99 / $9.99. It's a space shooter with procedurally-generated content, and it's oh wow, a bit good.

Put it this way - I called it "one of the most essential PS Vita games to date" in my review.

Well worth grabbing for that price, especially given that you get the PlayStation 3 version with it, with cross-saving between the two (and if you're a PS Plus subscriber, scroll down for even better news!)

Us Brits also get Uncharted: Fight For Fortune - Complete Edition this week. It's a card game based on the Uncharted series, and it's pretty decent. That'll set you back £7.29.

PlayStation Plus

So this week's nice surprise is that Big Sky Infinity, just released, is completely free to PS Plus subscribers. Hurray!

That's your lot for PS Plus content this week, but let's be honest - you can hardly turn your nose up at a brill game for free.

PlayStation Mobile releases

There's a single PlayStation Mobile release this week, but it might be a good'un.

Surge is from Futurlab - the studio behind the wonderful Velocity. It attempts to put a spin on the match-three genre. At £2.59, it may well be worth having a crack at, although if you aren't yet convinced, you can always wait for our review.

War Of Sonria is a PS Minis game, and it costs £2.49. It's a strategy game all about creating your own band of soldiers and heading out to defeat evil magical creatures.

PSP and PSone Classics

Alas, there are no new PSP or Classics games this week, but you'll find that Class of Heroes is now half price, at $7.49.

That's your lot - see you again next week.
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