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This week on the PS Vita Store - Uncharted: Fight For Fortune, Lemmings, and EcoFish
by Mike Rose 5/12/2012
Product: PlayStation Vita
Manufacturer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Format: PS Vita
There's a new Uncharted game out for the PS Vita this week, but it's probably not what you're thinking.

Unless you've already caught a glimpse of it, that is. In which case, it's exactly what you think it is.

On top of Uncharted: Fight For Fortune, there's a video gaming classic going for free... well, to an extent.

Read on, live longer, and prosper. In that order.

Full-price releases

Uncharted: Fight For Fortune is a digital card game based on the action series. No, wait - come back! It's actually not bad.

I called it "a fun little time-waster in between real Uncharted releases, but it's one that's riddled with issues" in my review of it earlier this week. At £3.19 / $4.99, it's well worth a download.

One that's not worth grabbing, however, is WRC 3: FIA World Rally Championship 3. I reviewed it last month; it's really not very good - especially for £29.99.

DJMax Technika Tune is also available to Vita owners in America. It's a sort of rhythm-based arcade music... thing. It costs $44.99, so if you've dabbled a bit with DJMax before, this may well be an essential purchase.

PlayStation Plus

There are some nice Vita discounts for PS Plus subscribers this week.

Puddle has had 50 per cent of its price tag lopped off in the US, meaning it now retails for $5. It's definitely worth grabbing for that price. Read our Puddle review to find out why.

We Europeans can take advantage of a few other price reductions. Jetpack Joyride is now half price, while Rayman Origins is available at 10 per cent off. Tuck in!

PlayStation Mobile releases

This is where things get interesting.

Lemmings is available for PS Mobile this week, and it's free to download. But, here's the catch: you have to pay for level packs.

Yes, D3T has sort of grafted free-to-play elements onto a classic, and we're sort of okay with it. I mean, at least the dev isn't asking us to pay out for more lemmings via in-app purchases, right?

Elsewhere, EcoFish asks you to draw lines on the screen to enclose fish in boxes. If you played the old skool title QiX, you'll get the general idea. It costs £1.39, if you're interested.

Hotel Mogul is an old PC time-management / building sim, and it's now available via PS minis for £1.99. It doesn't look half bad, folks.

PSP and PSone Classics

The Invizimals series is available in Europe for PSP this week, including the original, Shadow Zone, The Lost Tribes. Each of them costs £6.99.

Americans: you get Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition, which is meant to be a pretty decent driving game.

Unfortunately, there are no new PSone Classics this week. Well, there are, but they're only compatible with the PS3. Nuts.

See you next week!
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