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Get ready to go on an adventure with a talking puppy in PlayStation Vita Pets
by Chris Priestman 2/4/2014
Product: PlayStation Vita Pets
Developer: Spiral House
Publisher: Sony Europe
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Adventure, Simulation
Networking: wireless (network)
Spiral House has dug up a June 4th launch date for its forthcoming pet sim-cum-adventure game PlayStation Vita Pets.

From that date, you'll be able to grab PlayStation Vita Pets in bricks-and-mortar stores or download it directly from the PSN Store.

Along with this announcement, Spiral House has shared a few new gameplay details for PlayStation Vita Pets.

Firstly, your puppies will talk to you. Yep, apparently there are over 10,000 lines of dialogue in PlayStation Vita Pets, meaning you should be able to connect with your pup properly.

"It allows us to ensure that there is a great deal of depth to their personalities which will unlock as you become better friends and discover more of the game's mysteries together," Spiral House creative director Kevin Oxland notes on the EU PlayStation Blog.

PlayStation Vita Pets

Not only will you get to train and pamper your pooch in PlayStation Vita Pets, but you'll also go on an adventure with it across Castlewood Island.

Chasing the legendary treasure of an old king and his dog, you'll have to teach your puppy how to sniff out clues and artefacts to continue on your journey.

Expect to be stepping across dark caves, abandoned mines, and an ancient maze.

You will have to return home to feed your dog and play with it, however. There's only so much canine-based adventuring you can do in one day, after all.
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