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Persona 4 Golden is half price on PS Vita in Sony's '12 Deals of Christmas' promotion
by Harry Slater 23/12/2013
Product: Persona 4 Golden
Publisher: Atlus
Format: PS Vita
Genre: RPG

The last of Sony's "12 Deals of Christmas" has just gone live. And, my, it's a corker.

Right now, you can grab Gold Award-winning high school JRPG Persona 4 Golden for just £14.99 on PSN.

At review, we said "a lack of real Vita innovation lets it down somewhat, but that aside this is a perfect pocket-sized JRPG that'll keep you gripped to the screen until your eyes turn square. A must-have for any Persona fan."

And you can get that must-have game for half price right now. Less than half price if you're a snooty PS Plus subscriber. Enjoy.
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