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Augmented reality puzzler Open Me! announced for North American Vita release
by Matthew Diener 20/3/2013
Product: Open Me!
Publisher: PlayStation C.A.M.P.
Format: PS Vita
Networking: wireless (adhoc),wireless (network)
There's just something about a closed box that makes us want to tear it open it.

At least, that's what PlayStation C.A.M.P. is banking on with its box-based puzzler Open Me! which was confirmed for a North American PS Vita release on The PlayStation Blog.

Open Me! originally debuted at the 2012 Tokyo Game Show as Box! Open Me, and confronts Vita owners with a variety of puzzle boxes which they must manipulate using the handheld's robust suite of input options.

A comparison to The Room wouldn't be entirely unfair, as the two games are quite similar with their unorthodox and interactive approach to puzzle solving.

Boxing Day

Interestingly, Open Me! features both single and multiplayer puzzle solving modes.

In the multiplayer mode, two Vita owners can work together to open the same box. One might, for example, hold the box's lid open while the other pokes around inside, or they might have to help each other angle lasers in a very Portal sort of way.

We're not sure when Open Me! will make its way to the North American PSN, but the game will be playable at the upcoming Game Developer's Conference so we'll hopefully have some new information for you then.

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