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Muramasa Rebirth's second DLC - A Cause to Daikon For - hits the PSN next week
by Matthew Diener 20/2/2014
Product: Muramasa Rebirth
Developer: Aksys Games
Publisher: Marvelous
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Action, RPG
The Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning action RPG brawler Muramasa Rebirth is set to receive its second DLC pack at the end of February.

This second chapter, A Cause to Daikon For*, follows the story of a plucky farmer named Gonbe who joins a farmer's rebellion against the corrupt Governor Hatono.

Thankfully, Gonbe and the farmers won't be going it alone. The ghost of Gonbe's dead wife decides to tag along and help her husband put an end to the Governor's unjust taxes. She'll also be able to lift him out of difficult or dangerous situations.

Gonbe can likewise call on his two friends - Tagosaku and the village strongman, Moheji - to lend a hand when his Battle Gauge is full.

He might not look like much, but he's very well connected.

As with the feisty feline female in Fishy Tales of the Nekomata, Gonbe fights with a unique weapon style.

Being a farmer, Gonbe uses a hoe and a sickle to dispatch baddies and the new bosses which Vanillaware's included in this DLC chapter.

A Cause to Daikon For hits the PSN in North America on February 25 and comes to Europe a day later on February 26. Assuming that it follows Nekomata's pricing, it should cost $4.99 (~£3).

* The resident PG otaku would like to point out that a daikon is a type of radish popular in Japanese cuisine.
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