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Capcom has 'no plans' for a Monster Hunter on PS Vita
by Harry Slater 29/4/2013
Product: Monster Hunter (Vita)
Publisher: Capcom
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Adventure
Fans of the Monster Hunter series have long thought that the PS Vita was the perfect console for banding together with a group of friends, grabbing ridiculously large swords, and heading out to murder some indigenous creatures.

Thanks to its gorgeous screen, potential 3G connection, and slick PSN-powered online gaming setup, it should be the natural home for portable monster butchery.

Or so you'd think.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look as though Vita owners are going to get a taste of Capcom's multiplayer beast battler any time soon.

NeoGAF spotted the damning Monster Hunter evidence over at the Ask Capcom forum, where Capcom associate online / community specialist Yuri L. Araujo spelt out the bad news in no uncertain terms.

"Sorry we've got no plans for a PS Vita Monster Hunter at the moment," Araujo stated.

That's a real shame for Vita gamers, we must say. And while Araujo offered salve for the wound in the form of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (a PSP port which is available for download from the PSN store), it's not quite the tailored, high-definition monster-hunting experience for which Vita fans are clamouring.

Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 hit the 3DS earlier in the year, and we labelled it "a substantial and extremely satisfying experience" in our review.

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