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UPDATE Rumour: GTA: Vice City Nights, Monster Hunter Portable 3, and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD all heading to PS Vita
by Will Wilson 7/3/2012
Product: Monster Hunter (Vita)
Publisher: Capcom
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Adventure
UPDATE: The screengrab is fake. Only Monster Hunter appears to be the real deal. Others on the list were made up.

Original story follows:

Online retailer Play.com has seemingly jumped the gun and posted pre-order pages for a number of unannounced big-name titles for the PS Vita. Three of the listings have subsequently been taken down, but the listing for Monster Hunter 3 is still live.

The existence of a Monster Hunter game for the PS Vita has been rumoured since January, so the appearance of Monster Hunter 3 for Vita on the online retailer's website should come as little surprise to fans of the series.

What is surprising is the (temporary) presence of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights for Vita on Play.com's pre-order listings. Rockstar rarely lets information on an unreleased game slip into the public domain, so very few details on the game itself are readily available.

However, if it isn't a return to the superbly realised world of 1980s Miami - last seen in GTA 3: Vice City - we'll eat our tropical shirts.

Go East

The other two titles that were briefly revealed on Play.com's website were Tales of Innocence R and the HD remake of Final Fantasy Type-0. Both of these titles were - before the pages were pulled - priced at a highly optimistic £39.99.

We'll no doubt discover if these latest leaks are true or not on Friday when Sony plans on revealing the next set of games scheduled for release later in the year.

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