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Rumour: Monster Hunter franchise coming to PS Vita in 'the next few weeks'
by Anthony Usher 30/1/2012
Product: Monster Hunter (Vita)
Publisher: Capcom
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Adventure
Good news, Monster Hunter fans.

According to Philippe Cardone, CEO of PlayStation France, the extremely popular adventure franchise will hit Sony's PS Vita in "the next few months".

Speaking to website Le Point about the Japanese launch of the PS Vita, Cardone commented: "The games available at launch in Japan do not correspond to the typology of the Japanese public. It lacks a particular game, Monster Hunter, scheduled for the coming months."

Earlier this month, Pocket Gamer also reported that a new entry in the Monster Hunter franchise would arrive on Sony's latest handheld in the latter half of 2012.

There's no smoke without fire, as they (whoever 'they' are) say.


It does makes sense for Sony to get a Monster Hunter title onto its powerhouse portable sooner rather than later, considering the Vita's less-than-stellar sales hitherto.

After all, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd set sales records when it launched on the PSP in Japan back in 2010, with 1.7 million copies of it being shipped in its first week on shelves. Not too shabby.

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