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Clamber over pie charts in infographic-inspired Vita-exclusive Metrico
by James Gilmour 27/3/2013
Product: Metrico
Developer: Digital Dreams
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Dutch indie outfit Digital Dreams has just released the debut trailer for its infographic-oriented Vita action-puzzler Metrico.

We are, of course, accustomed to seeing line graphs and bar charts in PowerPoint presentations. The guys over at Digital Dreams have decided, though, that data charts deserve a break from all those dull Microsoft desktop programs.

So enraptured was Digital Dreams by the aesthetics of infographics, in fact, that it decided to build an entire game around them.

And call it Metrico. Who'd have thunk it?

Judging by the Metrico trailer (above), Digital Dreams's game involves your guiding a suited man over a landscape composed of bar charts and other infographics.

Though we doubt the trailer is completely representative of actual gameplay, it looks like the puzzle element of this platformer could centre on overcoming dynamic obstacles.

Whatever the game involves, Metrico's beautiful trailer and novel concept definitely have our attention. We look forward to bringing you more, err, info about this infographic-based game in the future.

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