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Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection reduced to half price on PSN in Sony's '12 Deals of Christmas' promotion
by Harry Slater 6/12/2013
Product: Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection
Publisher: Konami
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Action
Networking: wireless (network)

The latest PS Vita game to have its price slashed as part of Sony's "12 Deals of Christmas" promotion is actually two games.

In fact, these are arguably two of the best games of the PS2 era.

That's right: for a limited time only, you can grab Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection from the PSN Store for just £11.99. You'll get an extra ten percent off if you're a PS Plus subscriber.

At review, we said that "Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection contains two of the very best stealth games of the last decade, lavishly updated and jam-packed with extra content." We then gave the whole bundle a Gold Award.

This Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection deal will only run until tomorrow, though. So, if you want to nab the games on the cheap, you'd best be quick.
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