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Award-winning indie adventure Machinarium coming to European and Australian PS Vitas next week
by Matthew Diener 24/4/2013
Product: Machinarium
Developer: Amanita Design
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Networking: wireless (network)
March was a mixed sort of month for PS Vita owners eager to play the Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning adventure title Machinarium.

It was a great month if you lived in North America, when the indie adventure title made its way to the PSN on March 26, but it was a bit of a downer if you lived in Europe, Australia, or New Zealand - as it failed to materialize on those PlayStation Networks.

That's about to change. Thanks to Sony, we now have a confirmed date for the promised European release - May 1st.

Wind me up, Robot

The Vita port of Machinarium might have lost a step from its Gold Award-winning mobile release but it's still quite the adventure game to experience.

Featuring numerous tweaks to take advantage of the Vita's controls, like the ability to zoom in on the screen to have a proper look about, Machinarium feels like a faithful port of a point-and-click adventure game that doesn't compromise its quality for the sake of a handheld port.

Machinarium will make its way to the PSN on Wednesday, May 1 and will cost £5.49 / €5.99.
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