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Different Cloth heads to Kickstarter to secure funding for dubstep racing sequel Lilt Line Too
by Harry Slater 13/9/2013
Product: Lilt Line Too
Developer: Different Cloth
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, PS Vita
Genre: Music/ Rhythm, Racing
Now, where did I leave that drop? Oh, there it is! Over there with the Kickstarter campaign for dubstep rhythm racer Lilt Line Too.

This game is the sequel to the IGF award-winning Lilt Line, in which Different Cloth mixed fast-paced racing with rhythm action to create an intriguing smartphone experience.

Different Cloth is hoping to build on that success with Lilt Line Too, which boasts new viewpoints, songs, and multiplayer modes.

The music for the game will be provided by ill.gates, who appears to be some sort of popular musician to which the young people are listening. He also has a splendid moustache, as you can see in the pitch video below.

Perhaps the most interesting-sounding thing about the whole game, though, is the clapping and grunting co-operative same-room multiplayer, which sounds like a recipe for hilarious disaster.

There are 20 brand-new tracks to tap and tilt through in Lilt Line Too. There's also competitive online multiplayer so you can prove just how splendid you are.

Different Cloth is asking for £15,000 to get the game made. With that much money raised, the dev will produce an iPad and iPhone version of the game. Both an Android version and PS Vita version are listed as stretch goals, mind.

You can check out the Kickstarter project for Lilt Line Too by clicking here.
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