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Oh no! Lemmings Touch will be marching its way to the PS Vita
by Matthew Diener 11/9/2013
Product: Lemmings Touch
Developer: d3t Ltd
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Platform, Puzzle, Strategy
When most people think of the early 90s, they think of grunge music, Crystal Pepsi, The Gulf War, and Lemmings.

The classic puzzler full of suicidal rodents is ready to live again in a new form with the upcoming Lemmings Touch for the PS Vita.

For those who've never played Lemmings, the concept is simple: each level has an entrance and an exit, and your goal is to guide a stream of shuffling lemmings from the former to the latter.

The trip isn't an easy one, however, and you needed to assign job roles like Blocker, Bomber, Digger, or Builder to individual lemmings help bring the tide to the goal.

The great migration

Lemmings Touch will continue the classic gameplay of Lemmings, but will introduce several new touch controls to take advantage of the Vita's hardware.

A post on the PlayStation Blog confirms that Lemmings Touch will come marching in with 100 levels and a brand new in-game HUD to help you control your blithely marching rodents in a distinctly crisp and modern manner.

There'll also be new objects to interact with - like cannons and trampolines - and movable portions of the environment that you can rearrange with your fingertips.

While we don't have a release date for Lemmings Touch yet, but its presence on both the US and EU PlayStation Blogs indicates that it'll come to both sides of the pond.
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