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It's all about the money in Killzone: Mercenary's latest trailer
by James Gilmour 31/1/2013
Product: Killzone: Mercenary
Developer: Guerrilla
Publisher: Sony Europe
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Multiplayer, Shooter
Networking: wireless (adhoc)
Sony has just released the latest trailer for its upcoming Vita FPS Killzone: Mercenary.

In this cut-throat addition to the PlayStation-exclusive shooter series, you are case as neither hero nor villain. Instead, the accumulation of personal wealth is at the top of your goal list.

With the war between the ISA and the Helghast still raging, mercenary Arran Danner is in the ideal position to hawk his valuable services to the highest bidder.

Judging by this new Killzone: Mercenary trailer (below), those services include shooting people in the face and stabbing people in the nuts.

Rather than fighting for truth, justice, and the Vektan way, Killzone: Mercenary's unprincipled protagonist is in it for the money.

By completing missions, you earn currency, which you can then spend on improving your weapon and equipment loadouts, both for solo and multiplayer modes.

Well-oiled machine

Anyone who saw Killzone 3 in motion knows what impressive visual feats the proprietary Killzone 3 engine is capable of.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Killzone: Mercenary - which runs on the very same engine - retains the high-end production values of its home console cousin.

Basically, it's well pretty.

Sony hasn't been stingy in the gameplay department, either. The single-player campaign comprises nine one-hour missions, which isn't too shabby for a portable FPS whatsoever.

Multiplayer enthusiasts, meanwhile, will be able to flex their iron sights over six different maps, competing against up to seven other players at any one time.

All being well, you'll be able to get your hands on Killzone: Mercenary on September 17th.
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