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Neon ultraviolent Hotline Miami is free to US PS Plus members this week
by Chris Priestman 21/10/2013
Product: Hotline Miami
Developer: Abstraction Games
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Action
Considering the buzz surrounding one of gaming's most violent and stylish titles, if you haven't played the Silver Award-winning Hotline Miami yet, you may feel like you're missing out.

A good reason for not having pulled a chicken mask over your face and splatting viscera and gore across pink walls, is lack of money.

If you're a savvy PS Vita owner, though, you may have forked out for PS Plus. As always, it's going to pay off for you.

Announced on the US PlayStation blog today was that Hotline Miami will be completely free for PS Plus members this week starting October 22nd. Yes, that's tomorrow.

In our review of Hotline Miami, we said that it is "brutal, gory, masterful, essential. You'll play for the arcade mob shootings, and stay for the psychedelic style."
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