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Grab a shotgun: Silver Award-winning Gunslugs is out on Vita right now
by Chris Priestman 19/2/2014
Product: Gunslugs
Developer: OrangePixel
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Action, Arcade, Platform

Those of you who own a Vita and crave a Metal Slug-esque shooter will want to pick up the Silver Award-winning Gunslugs right now.

We prepared you for the game's arrival on Vita a couple of weeks ago. Remember? We told you there would be no extra features. That this is a straight port. There you go.

That means you get a retro-style shooter with no messing around for £1.99 (£1.59 for PS Plus subscribers). You can grab it from the PSN Store via this handy link.

Additionally, the Gunslugs soundtrack has been reduced to 99p to celebrate the game's launch. Hop on it!

In our review of Gunslugs, we said that it's "a fun, frenetic, and feature-packed tribute to the run-and-gun arcade shooters of yesteryear."
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