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¬°Ay, caramba!
by Mark Brown 9/4/2013
Product: Guacamelee!
Developer: DrinkBox Studios
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Platform
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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I can't count the number of times I've asked a developer to list the games that influenced their latest creation only to see them clam up and change the subject, as if I had just asked them where the bodies were hidden.

But I bet the team at DrinkBox wouldn't be shy. I bet they have game names tattooed on their bum cheeks. You only have to look at the cameo appearances and cheeky references littered across the world of Guacamelee! to figure out which retro games were a source of inspiration.

In this Vita brawler you retrieve new upgrades from the exact same Chozo statues as you do in Metroid. Plus, the game's ramshackle towns are plastered with posters depicting retro game heroes in luchador disguises - like El-Linko and Mega Hombre. ...
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Guacamelee! is genuinely funny, massively enjoyable, and filled to bursting with good ideas. It's your next essential Vita game
Audio/visual: 10
Gameplay: 10
Value: 8
Innovation: 8
Overall: 9
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