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Play through 17 new levels and bag 3 new costumes in latest chunk of Guacamelee! DLC
by Harry Slater 23/7/2013
Product: Guacamelee!
Developer: DrinkBox Studios
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Platform
If you thought you were done with DrinkBox Studios's Mexico-themed action-platformer Guacamelee!, then think again.

That's because a fresh chunk of paid DLC for Guacamelee! will go live on PSN tomorrow.

Entitled El Diablo's Domain, this new batch of DLC contains three costumes for Juan and Tostada. It also contains 17 new trial levels.

One of the new costumes is based on the flamboyant kits of legendary Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos. Another is based on Mexican folk art, while the final costume is the formal attire of El Diablo himself.

Getting hold of the kits isn't going to be easy, though. You can only unlock them after you've earned a set amount of medals in the new levels. And, well, that's easier said / written than done.

You're going to need to use all the skills and abilities you've learned during the rest of Guacamelee! if you want to gain access to everything that El Diablo's Domain has to offer.

The El Diablo's Domain pack is available in the US right now for $2.99. It should be available in the UK tomorrow for around £2.

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