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Wrestle your way to true love in PS Vita brawler Guacamelee! from April 9th
by Anthony Usher 26/3/2013
Product: Guacamelee!
Developer: DrinkBox Studios
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Platform
Are you familiar with Guacamelee! You should be. We did bring it to your attention all the way back in June 2012, after all.

Okay, we'll refresh your memory.

Guacamelee! is a "Mexican-themed co-op-multiplayer dimension-swapping Metroidvania beat-'em-up platformer" that's been developed with help from SCEA's Pub Fund program.

We're telling you all of this because Guacamelee! is due to be released very soon. In fact, it will hit Sony's PS Store in the US on April 9th, and subsequently land in the UK a day later.

In Guacamelee!, you're a down-on-his-luck farmer called Juan Aguacate. Your mission is to search high and low for the love of your life. How romantic.

As you can see for yourself in the Guacamelee! launch trailer above, this involves pulling on a colourful lucha libre mask and kicking some serious backside.

Guacamelee! will support Cross-Buy, meaning that Vita owners will receive a free digital copy of the game 'inside' the PlayStation 3 version. And vice versa, of course.

Remember: April 9th in the US, and April 10th in Europe.

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