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Silver Award-winning iOS puzzler Furmins is now available for the PS Vita
by Harry Slater 31/10/2013
Product: Furmins
Developer: Beatshapers
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Puzzle

Housemarque released Furmins on iOS last year. Safe to say, we liked it. At review, you see, we gave it a coveted Silver Award.

Well, it's out now on PS Vita in Europe, and should be heading to the US PSN pretty soon.

In Furmins, you use the various paraphernalia on the 108 levels to build a route for the titular ball-creature things. You'll place trampolines, slabs of slates, and other elements in very particular positions with the aim of bouncing, sliding, and flipping the critters to their destination.

The PS Vita port of Furmins, which was handled by Beatshapers, features leaderboards and a new scoring system. It's available right now on the EU PSN for £5.50.
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