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Cult PC hit Frozen Synapse heading to Vita this year
by James Gilmour 1/2/2013
Product: Frozen Synapse Prime
Developer: Double Eleven
Publisher: Double Eleven
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Shooter, Strategy
Vita owners: you just got so lucky.

Indie dev Mode 7 has announced that its turn-based strategy hit Frozen Synapse is not only heading to iPad, but also to Vita.

The PS Vita port, which will be handled by LittleBigPlanet PS Vita co-developer Double Eleven, is entitled Frozen Synapse: Tactics, and will feature new visuals and revamped gameplay.

"We don't want to give too much away yet," Double Eleven COO Mark South wrote on the company's blog, "but I will say that Frozen Synapse: Tactics is not simply a transition of the original onto console..."

If you're not up to speed with the indie PC scene, Frozen Synapse is a "simultaneous turn-based tactical game" in which you direct soldiers around top-down environments and try to eliminate hostile enemy forces.

The "simultaneous" factor describes the game's unique approach to turn-based combat. So, you plot your squad's movements, then watch them play out in five-second bursts, with your enemy reacting in real time.

A cult hit among PC gamers, Frozen Synapse has been 'on its way' to iPad for some time now, with a final beta version expected to materialise this month.

However, it sounds like Frozen Synapse: Tactics will be a visually distinct game from the original version and the iOS version, with South promising "a complete Double Eleven makeover".

We don't know for certain, by the way, whether Cross-Play will be built into Frozen Synapse: Tactics (the game will be available on PS3, too, you see).

However, given Mode 7's commitment to cross-platform play between iOS and PC, we'd be surprised if it ignored the opportunity to show PS3 and Vita owners a little wireless love.

Frozen Synapse: Tactics should sneak onto Vita later this year.

Screenshots taken from PC version. Video taken of iPad version.
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