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Frobisher Says: Mega Fun Pack DLC
by Mike Rose 21/12/2012
Product: Frobisher Says
Developer: Honeyslug
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Arcade, Party/ mini- games
Players: 1
Version: Europe
[enlarge screenshot]
Going back to Frobisher Says after nearly a year is quite the experience. You slowly but surely remember just how insane this game was the first time around - then the new content hits you, and somehow it manages to be just as absurd.

The Frobisher Says Mega Fun Pack adds 15 new mini-games to the WarioWare-style title, and they're quite the mixed bag, ranging from the completely deranged (in a good way) to the completely deranged (in a not so good way).

Either way, this update is a perfect opportunity to delve back into Frobisher and experience it in the best light possible. ...
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Frobisher's Mega Fun Pack is a bit of a mixed bag, but still well worth the asking price if you're up for a bit more of the Frob
Audio/visual: 8
Gameplay: 7
Value: 8
Innovation: 7
Overall: 7
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