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PS Vita will get exclusive multiplayer game Freedom Wars in 2014
by Mark Brown 21/5/2013
Product: Freedom Wars
Developer: Sony Japan
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Action, Multiplayer
Next year, the PS Vita will get an exclusive multiplayer action game. Its name? Freedom Wars.

Revealed in a trailer on the Japanese PlayStation Store, this game is set in some dystopian future, and features human security cameras, million-year jail sentences, and complete government control.

But it also features groups of gun-toting heroes taking on enormous mechanised monsters, suggesting that Freedom Wars might play a little like Capcom's ultra-successful Monster Hunter games.

The game is being developed by SCE Japan Studio, best known for making LocoRoco, Echochrome, and the Ape Escape games.

Furthermore, Sony's Tokyo-based development firm houses Project Siren, which made Vita favourite Gravity Rush.

Freedom Wars (which was first teased as Panopticon in this here trailer) will hit the Vita in 2014. Until we know more, you can assume it's exclusive to Japan.

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