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FDG Entertainment steps in as publisher of Flying Hamster II
by Chris Priestman 25/4/2014
Product: Flying Hamster II
Publisher: The Game Atelier
Format: 3DS, PS Vita
Genre: Action, Platform
The Game Atelier has cancelled its Kickstarter campaign for Flying Hamster II.

Don't worry, though: this is for positive reasons.

You see, FDG Entertainment is now going to publish Flying Hamster II. That means FDG will cover the game's development costs, too.

The Game Atelier says that it's thrilled by the early support for its forthcoming game from Kickstarter backers.

To prove it, it's offering free Steam keys for a PC version of Flying Hamster II to all backers who tweet or post on Facebook about its new partnership with FDG.

Flying Hamster II

"At Game Atelier we are all really thrilled that we can go on production earlier than we could ever expect, thanks to the help of FDG Entertainment, and without changing anything from what we initially planned to make," the studio said.

"We even think that being published by FDG Entertainment will drastically raise the overall quality of the game as we are now able to focus on its development and get their experienced feedback and support."

Flying Hamster II's Kickstarter campaign included stretch goals for Vita, 3DS, and next-gen console versions of the game.

In light of the above FDG announcement, though, there's been no mention of these target platforms for Flying Hamster II. We'll keep you posted on this, of course.
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