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Flem will be snotting speedrun-focused platforming onto Vita soon
by Chris Priestman 13/8/2014
Product: Flem
Developer: Henchman & Goon
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Platform
Flem's green booger ball might be the grossest thing I'll ever play as in a game.

This sticky blob finds itself in a strange new world after The Great Sneeze and must find its people in the Land of Eternal Tissue.

In other words, you're a piece of snot that was fired from someone's nose that's trying to find home on a piece of tissue.

Bizarre and wonderfully disgusting story aside, Flem is a classic 2D platformer in every sense, except it has an added focus on speedrunning.

You'll slime (run) and jump across short levels avoiding everything with spikes. The extra challenge is beating each level in the given time limit.

Later levels unlock Flem's snot powers, which we're told include turning into a green cloud and flying for short distances. 

It seems that Flem will be full of challenge and character, then. Maybe not the kind of character you'd want to shake hands with, mind.

Flem will be coming to Vita and PC soon. There's more information about it on the official website.
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