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Everybody's Golf on PS Vita to get MP grading system, weekly tours, and more in upcoming update
by Will Wilson 2/5/2012
Product: Everybody's Golf
Developer: Clap Hanz
Publisher: Sony Europe
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Sports
Networking: wireless (adhoc),wireless (network)
Since Everybody’s Golf / Hot Shots Golf is my favourite game on the PS Vita, I was delighted to discover that it's getting an update on the May 7th that brings a few welcome additions to the multiplayer side of the game.

The first of these is the introduction of custom online Versus rooms, which allow you and your buds to edit the rules and support up to eight players with voice chat enabled.

Another new addition is a Weekly Tour mode, which appears to be an expanded version of the current Daily International Tournament. As you can probably guess from its name, your rounds are tallied across a full seven days' play.

The final addition comes in the form of a "grade system" that separates players into four skill tiers, meaning you won't be paired with that one guy who manages to somehow hit a spiral shot on every damn hole.

I handed Everybody's Golf a Pocket Gamer Gold Award on release, so you should buy it. The update is expected to land next Monday.

Andriasang [via VG247]
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