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by Peter Willington 30/9/2013
Product: Divekick
Developer: Iron Galaxy Studios
Publisher: Iron Galaxy Studios
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Arcade, Fighting
Players: 1-2
Networking: wireless (adhoc), wireless (network)
Version: Europe
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Divekick is to fighting games what Super Hexagon is to auto-runners. It takes the genre, with all its old hang-ups and impenetrable nuances, and distills it so that what's left is the one-on-one fighter in its purest form.

Finally there's a game that people like me can point non-fans towards and proclaim, "This. This is what we like about the genre".

Then it squanders this openness (to a large extent) by adding layer upon layer of in-jokes that, if you don't work at the studio that made it, and you haven't followed Divekick's development closely, you'll completely fail to understand. ...
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Divekick's ultra-basic approach is a revelation if you're looking to understand fighting games. And if you're prepared to look past the in-jokes found here, then this is an essential purchase
Audio/visual: 4
Gameplay: 9
Value: 7
Innovation: 7
Overall: 7
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