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Console Saga is a tough platformer about a sentient Game Boy clearing up corrupted classic games
by Chris Priestman 13/3/2014
Product: Console Saga
Format: Android, PS Vita
Genre: Platform
Console Saga isn't just retro in sounds and soul, it actually features a retro handheld console as its main character.

You'll be playing the part of a Game Boy-looking handheld that was brought to life by radiation. From there, you'll be jumping and swinging across the retro-themed levels.

It's a platformer and it's supposed to be a tough one, too. 

"You'll need to master several skills to navigate these dangerous corrupted games, the most important of which is the Grapple Beam," writes developer Thomas Hopper on the EU PlayStation Blog.

"Swing over gaps, reach hidden areas and use your momentum to find shortcuts and secrets."

If you complete all of the levels and defeat the four bosses, then there is a "random challenge level generator" to keep you busy for as long as you wish.

Console Saga is a PlayStation Mobile title, which means you'll be able to pick it up for your Vita and supported Android phones. It will cost you £3.39 / €4.29 on the PSN Store, and it's out right now.
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