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Users cry foul as Burn the Rope heads to PS Vita with bumped-up price tag

Would you pay a premium for this free Android game?

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Product: Burn the Rope (a.k.a. Burn The Rope HD) | Developer: RingZero Game Studio | Genre: Puzzle
For: PS Vita   Also on: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone
Burn the Rope (a.k.a. Burn The Rope HD) PS Vita, thumbnail 1
You can always expect uproar when a mobile game is ported across to a dedicated handheld device with a higher price tag attached.

So, the fact that Burn the Rope on PS Vita will retail for £3.19 on launch day (October 10th) while it only costs 69p on iPhone and is free to download on Android hasn't exactly gone down well with the Vita community.

PS Vita users have already taken to the comments section of the official EU PlayStation Blog to voice their concerns about this discrepancy in pricing.

"Hmm so free on Android, or £3.19 on Vita? Tough one," one user says.

"Someone tell Sony we aren't fools, we know these type of games are £1 or less on the Google Play market," another says.

Control yourselves

This isn't strictly a fair comparison, of course, as the Vita version of Burn the Rope isn't simply a direct port. This Vita edition takes advantage of the device's rear touch panel, for one thing.

There are also special online ranking tables specific to the Vita, and, of course, some blessed trophies to unlock. Still, whether this version is worth the bumped-up price tag remains to be seen.

In this critically acclaimed game, by the way, you have to burn through ropes (as you might have guessed) by rotating the screen to direct a flame.

Reviewer photo
Mike Rose 3 October 2012
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Oct 2012
Post count:
gadgetfreak | 11:52 - 13 October 2012
@facelord, let see how much your ps vita is worth 6 months from now, you my think it's "awesome" but the sales figures don't lie, in today's market the vita is DOA.
Oct 2012
Post count:
Gamesarefun1983 | 05:03 - 12 October 2012
Sony really deserve the failure they now face with the Vita. They never seem to learn from their mistakes, infuriatingly pushing ahead with products that some customers may want, the overwhelming majority of customers do not. I have heard all kinds of explanations and theories trying to explain why the Vita isn't selling well; not enough games, too expensive, overpriced AND proprietary memory cards, competition from 3DS, competition from PSP, competition from PS3, competition from smartphones, anti-Sony bias, the list goes on and on and on. In fact, there probably is a bit of truth in all of these reasons, they've certainly all have an effect. But at the end of the day the sad truth behind the failing Vita is pretty simple, people just aren't interested in PS Vita... That's it. Sony are trying to sell a product that few customers want (or need anymore) and they don't seem to realise it.
The Sony line is "when people see the value, when they use the Vita and hold it in their hands" etc. That may have been the case 4 years ago but not today. Today there is infinitely more value and choice available from smartphones than will ever be available from a proprietary device like PS Vita. The world has moved on Sony, it's 2012, hell even you've moved on, you do actually manufacture smartphones for Jebus' sake! Oh, and for all those deluded fools out there that think a smartphone is not capable of playing 'real' games, please, buy an Xperia Play, use it for one week and then realise that yes, they in fact can play 'real' games, with 'real' buttons and everything...

How about the business executives at Sony actually do some market research before pumping out yet another device very few people asked for (somehow expecting it to sell 10 million in 12 months?!?) and try to respond to the feedback by giving us customers what WE want, rather than what you think we should want!

PS. People also don't like being ripped off either (duh), and paying
Apr 2011
Post count:
Facelord | 19:15 - 3 October 2012
NoMoneyLeft, the Vita wasn't created out of ignorance, it was created out of the desire to make the greatest handheld gaming device in the world. They succeeded, I've used my Vita every single day since launch. Ignorance of the current mobile gaming climate? Yeah, no, as soon as it gets a price drop to $200 and all the awesome games that're releasing in October and November, the Vita will be a must-have device. Hell, $250 for a Vita, a game and a memory card is a great deal and quite a few bundles(packed with an exclusive Assassin's Creed game, LittlebigPlanet Vita, a crappy Call of Duty title and other titles like Madden) will be made available later this year.

How is the current mobile climate against dedicated handheld gaming? I've been a dedicated handheld gamer all my life, you kill time playing on phones and you spend time on dedicated handhelds. The quality of Vita games more than make up their cost, I'd rather have the new Silent Hill, Persona and Crossplay titles on my Vita than 40 $1 trashy smartphone games. Sure, there are a few gems in smartphone gaming but the control limitations mean they can't ever be much more complex than a Gameboy Advance title in the past.

Either way, the Vita has a place in the handheld gaming sector, Sony just needs to drop its price and market it more. When people learn about how amazing it is and see that it's only $200 with tons of great exclusive games in the future, I think they'll be all over it.

Also, the rear touchpad is awesome. It's one of the defining aspects of the Vita that I would not replace, in fact I'm having lots of fun writing out game design documents for titles that would only work on the Vita due to its dual touchpads and analog sticks in a portable format. The 3DS couldn't give me that "kid in a candy store designing video games" feeling, nor could any modern smartphone. The Vita's the most innovative and forward-thinking gaming handheld right now, unsurprisingly since smartphones aren't made with gaming in mind and the 3DS isn't impressive at all.
Dec 2010
Post count:
NoMoneyLeftBoy | 14:07 - 3 October 2012
Personally I'd pay