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[Update] Boss Baddie teases new bosses, enemies, events, and more in imminent update to Vita shooter Big Sky Infinity
by Anthony Usher 5/3/2013
Product: Big Sky Infinity
Developer: Boss Baddie
Publisher: Ripstone
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Shooter
Updated on March 5th, at 17:09: After this story went live, Big Sky Infinity co-developer VooFoo sent us through a lovely trailer for the brand-new content update and some more details about the patch.

Because I'm so very good to you, I've embedded the trail below and inserted a hyperlink to VooFoo's detailed blog post about the contents of the new firmware.

Original story follows...

UK studio Boss Baddie has revealed on Twitter that it and VooFoo Studios's Gold Award-winning indie shooter Big Sky Infinity will receive a "huge free content patch" sometime today.

According to Boss Baddie's tweet, this incoming patch will include a couple of new bosses and enemies, as well as a bunch of fresh events.

It will also "fix a couple of things". For more details about the contents of this imminent software patch, read this blog post on the VooFoo Studios website or watch the specially produced Big Sky Infinity video below.

Big Sky Infinity, for those of you who are yet to play it, is a simple side-scrolling twin-stick shooter that plays out differently every single time you play it.

Your aim, you see, is to shoot waves of randomly generated baddies and survive long enough to bag yourself a tasty high score.

At review, we said that "you'll come for Big Sky Infinity's gorgeous visuals, and stay for the addictive masses of content and online leaderboard climbing."

In other words, grab it from the PSN Store now.
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