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Atomic Ninjas's fast and frenetic multiplayer action shown off in brand-new trailer
by Harry Slater 22/7/2013
Product: Atomic Ninjas
Publisher: Grip Games
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Action, Platform
2D multiplayer games are making a bit of a comeback at the moment. There are plenty on the PC, for example, while iOS gamers have the same-device brilliance of Gentlemen! to keep them entertained.

Well, now it's the turn of PS Vita owners to enjoy some ace 2D multiplayer action.

That's thanks to Grip Games, whose game Atomic Ninjas is a cutesy side-on battler that's heading to PSN later in the summer.

You play as one of the titular warriors, who must swing and leap around a variety of levels. While doing so, you throw crates at your opponents and use your momentum to push them into environmental hazards.

And just in the nick of time, the first gameplay trailer for Atomic Ninjas has been released. Look, there it is. Yep, down there.

A ridiculous sort of humour permeates the Atomic Ninjas world. And be honest now: who can resist the urge to push a friend into some hot lava or freezing water with a well-timed push?

There are seven different ninjas from which to pick here, six different weapons, and eight upgradable super powers.

With seven different arenas and plenty of different modes to scrap through, Atomic Ninjas will be chock-full of content.

Throw in support for Cross-Play and Cross-Save between PS Vita and PS3, and you could well be looking at the next great handheld multiplayer game.

There's no confirmed specific release date for Atomic Ninjas yet, but it should be available before the autumn.
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