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Environmental hazards are a warrior's best friend in colourful Atomic Ninjas for PS Vita
by Anthony Usher 16/5/2013
Product: Atomic Ninjas
Publisher: Grip Games
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Action, Platform
The brains behind the likes of Foosball 2012 and The Impossible Game, Grip Games, have just announced a brand-new PS Vita title, set to debut later this year.

Grip's forthcoming game is called Atomic Ninjas, and it's a "colourful and funny" 2.5D multiplayer platformer in which you take control of super-powered ninjas in fast-paced online bouts against other players and bots.

As you've probably already guessed, then, your aim in this action-packed title is to defeat each and every one of your opponent's stealthy warriors.

However, you're unable to directly kill them. Instead, you must outsmart and outflank them, and wipe them out using environmental hazards, such as lava pits, laser beams, falling crates, and more.

At launch, Atomic Ninjas will contain seven different arenas (all filled with hiding spots, pick-ups, and traps), and several game modes, including age-old favourites like Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

You can compete in these contests against other PS Vita-loving gamers and against players who've downloaded Atomic Ninjas on their PlayStation 3s.

You can sync data between the two systems, too. You know... if you must.

Atomic Ninjas will be released this summer on PSN.
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