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Angry Birds Star Wars
Should have used the Force
by Peter Willington 13/12/2013
Product: Angry Birds Star Wars
Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Players: 1-2
Networking: wireless (network), on one device
Version: Europe
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Yes, Angry Birds Star Wars on Vita is expensive.

This is a full-priced release for the Sony handheld, which may raise eyebrows given that the game costs 69p / 99c on mobile.

That's a hard sell if you own a mobile or tablet that can run Angry Birds Star Wars - which you almost certainly do. In fact, you're probably reading this on one right now.

But that's not the main reason it's difficult for me to recommend this Vita version.

It's simply not a good enough port of the original game, and suffers terribly from a couple of sloppy control issues that diminishes most of the value Angry Birds fanatics might derive from the exclusive content. ...
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How the developer managed to get the controls for Angry Birds Star Wars on Vita so wrong, we'll probably never know. What we do know is that you should probably give this one a miss
Audio/visual: 8
Gameplay: 5
Value: 2
Innovation: 4
Overall: 4
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