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New gorgeous Metroidvania game A.N.N.E. will head to Ouya and Vita if its Kickstarter is a hit
by Mark Brown 23/4/2013
Product: A.N.N.E.
Developer: Gamesbymo
Format: PS Vita, Ouya
Genre: Shooter
Montreal-based indie developer Gamesbymo will release its pixelated Metroidvania adventure A.N.N.E. on Ouya and Vita if a newly launched Kickstarter campaign for the game reaches the studio's stretch goals.

The game is described as "Metroidvania meets Gradius" because you can explore the planet Gomi on foot or hop into your Great Whale spaceship to gun down enemies and lift heavy objects.

It stars a worker bot - called Number 25 - looking for his missing girlfriend. He can craft new weapons (fire shotgun, sir?), level-up, buy new abilities with crystals, and customise his ship.

A.N.N.E. is being developed for PC, but if the Kickstarter campaign receives $130,000 in donations, it will also be released on Ouya. And if Gamesbymo grabs $145,000 in crowdfunded cash, it will make a Vita version.

Backer rewards include a SNES-style box and decorative cartridge; beta access; an appearance in the game; and even a retro-inspired USB controller.

The project has a modest $70,000 goal, and the campaign will end on May 22nd. If the Kickstarter is successful, A.N.N.E. will surface in mid-2014.
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