Exclusive: Angry Birds' developer Rovio is on the trail for mobile IP acquisition
By Jon Jordan 20 July 2011
Game Name: Rovio news | Manufacturer: Rovio | Format: PG.Biz
PocketGamer.biz had heard from multiple sources that Angry Birds' developer Rovio is looking to acquire thirdparty intellectual property; effectively it’s planning to become a publisher.

With its own IP having been downloaded over 250 million times, the well funded, and aggressively expansive Finnish company is now enthusiastic to leverage its incredible global mindshare to kickstart content it hasn't developed.

Building big

Apparently, Rovio has been talking to various developers of not yet released iOS games, offering deals to buy their content and plug it into its huge mobile community.

In terms of business model, it makes complete sense in terms of providing gamers with additional high quality casual content it will enjoy, while expanding Rovio' s role and revenue streams, which is currently limited to the Angry Birds brand.

As part of this drive, the Mighty Eagle in-app purchase is also being made available to thirdparty developers as an in-app power up via an API so they can include it within their own games.
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