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You can now play Epic Games's Epic Citadel tech demo via your favourite web browser
by Anthony Usher 3/5/2013
Product: Epic Citadel
Developer: Epic Games
Format: Other
Genre: 3D
All the way back in 2010, Epic Games released an impressive Unreal Engine 3-powered tech demo called Epic Citadel on the App Store.

This app was designed to showcase the technology behind Infinity Blade, which back then was still known by its code name Project Sword.

Anyway, enough of the history lesson.

You can now play a free HTML5-powered version of Epic Citadel in your web browser. You don't even need any plug-ins or extra components to enjoy it.

Twice Nightly

Epic Games does recommend, however, that you load Epic Citadel using Firefox Nightly version 23 or above, which - apparently - will allow the demo to run at optimal performance.

You can take Epic Citadel for a spin right now for free.
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