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App Army Assemble: Nintendo NX

We let the App Army loose on the NX rumours
Product: NX | Publisher: Nintendo | Format: NX
NX NX, thumbnail 1
This week, Eurogamer released an article detailing exactly what the NX is, according to "a number of sources". Unnamed sources, of course, but we'd assume they're trustworthy.

Whether you believe it or not, it's looking incredibly likely that the Nintendo NX is a console / handheld hybrid, has a detachable controller, and will go back to using cartridges.

Our first thought on reading these rumours - aside from absolute joy - was "I wonder what the App Army thinks of this?"

Well wonder no longer. We reached straight out to our team of mobile experts to learn exactly what they think of the rumoured Nintendo NX. Read on for their thoughts.

Josh Hock

Hm. I like the idea of having cartridges but I feel like the NX is going to lose third party support after just a few months. Hopefully, it'll be more powerful than the PS4 / Xbone - or even the Neo / Scorpio.

Reggie Fils-Aime claimed recently that games should always come before hardware - and that's a good thing. But I remember him saying exactly the same about the Wii U and we all know what that lead to. I only have four games for the Wii U - none of which I play regularly.

I will personally not buy the NX unless it turns out to be really good.

Anyways let's just enjoy this picture of Reggie reacting to the Xbox S:

Aaron Carey

If I was going to buy it I guess I'd want it to be super portable. I always have my phone with me so I've got that to play games on. Having an extra device that only plays games would be a faff if it was bulky!

Luke Rooney

It has to be powerful enough that it isn't left in the dust when the latest Xbox and PlayStation come out, so third parties will continue to support it.


Plenty of RAM and a decent GPU would be a start - And a battery that lasts more than a few hours.

Wouldn't it be awesome if they release some real cutting edge gaming hardware that just blows everyone away? I want to see something that makes me think "I need to buy one of those".

Alex Gol

I'm not a user of the latest Nintendo devices but I think I heard from Danny that if you lose your 3DS (or any Nintendo console), you lose the games that you've bought for it. It doesn't work that way on PSP or PS Vita.

Nintendo needs a unified system for all of their devices, otherwise it may discourage some people from buying their products.

GGod Hand

They had me at Cartridges!

Matt King

I'm struggling to see the point. A handheld for people with mobiles or a weak console for people with PS4s and Xbox Ones. It had better be cheap which it probably won't be.

Erik Choong

I hope amiibo continue to be produced when the NX comes out, hopefully with more varied uses. Battery life is key since the default battery on the Wii U gamepad is horrible - even with energy saving configurations.

The 3DS can be used as a controller for certain games on Wii U, would love to see how they improve on that.

Continuing the Virtual Console service would be great since I get to relive classic games on my Wii U and 3DS XL. I do hope there will be some sort of connection to their mobile games lineup. That would be rather interesting to watch.

Matt Roll

I'm personally excited about the concept. As a mobile gamer, I'm well aware of how capable mobile chipsets have become and how adept developers are at fully utilizing them. Having the ability to use your system on a big screen and mobility is the best of both worlds.

I fear though that it's going to be very challenging for Nintendo to market it. Gamers can be a pretty fickle bunch and they're known to snub their nose at hardware they perceive to be inferior. Which is a real shame because gaming should be about great gameplay not fancy graphics.

Reviewer photo
Glen Fox 29 July 2016
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