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Teething problems evident in N-Gage application

We hate to say it, but...

Product: N-Gage (next gen platform) | Manufacturer: Nokia
N-Gage (next gen platform) N-Gage, thumbnail 1
We expected to find loads of bugs in the N-Gage First Access beta application, but y'know what? We didn't. It worked seamlessly for us, especially buying games.

However, it seems tonight's N-Gage launch hasn't been quite so lucky so far. We tried to download Glu's World Series of Poker Pro Challenge, and got an error message saying the file was corrupted (see the first screenshot above).

We did manage to download Asphalt 3: Street Rules in its trial version, but when we tried to purchase the full version via our phone bill, it didn't work - we got an 'Unknown Error' message (see the second screenshot), and then got sent a text message that should have been billing us, saying 'We did not understand your message' (the third screenshot above).

There was also an annoying glitch when paying by credit card, where if we deleted the slash in the card expiry date box, we couldn't find a way to put it back in - and the app wouldn't accept our month and year without a slash in the middle, so we were stuck. We're fairly sure we weren't being dim, as we tried all the usual methods of inputting symbols.

Hopefully these are just teething problems. Meanwhile, Pocket Gamer forum member Mandark is reporting a problem getting the N-Gage application to install on an N95 supplied by Vodafone:
"The app requires version 20 of the operating system for the standard N95. Vodafone's customised version stops at 11. So unless you know how to change the product code to the default Nokia one which will allow an update up to v20, you're lumbered. Are Nokia and Vodafone doing anything to address this?"
We'll endeavour to find out. If anyone has a solution, pipe up with a comment!

On the plus side, we didn't have to enter activation codes for any of the games we'd already bought with First Access. We did have to redownload them, but when they appeared in the N-Gage app, they were the full unlocked versions - the application knew we'd bought them, so didn't ask for our activation codes. Sweet.

Reviewer photo
Stuart Dredge 3 April 2008
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Dec 2007
Post count:
Jimnokiasnap | 19:17 - 8 April 2008
Well after my abrasive and scathing comments on the First version beta,it appears people/developers have listened.

There is a comment on the N95 saying you need firmware at least.
The most important bit is that you can load via WLAN off the orange NGAGE icon. The application loaded really quick and installed without any errors.
The lock down by Vodafone to firmware 11.x.x.x is unfortunate but vodafone have paid Nokia *NOT* to allow upgrade. However the internet is full of tools to change your product code to "EUR" from "VOD1" upgrade firmware and set back to VOD1. You must remember there may be a contract/warranty problem if the phone upgrade goes wrong!.
Finally I logged in as my new Gametag "shniz" updated my profile and am ready to play.

My old tag was xbox live shnizel1 which is not valid in new n-gage arena

Apr 2008
Post count:
AJB | 12:11 - 4 April 2008
On the Corrupted file for WSOP - it only happens I think if you had it in first access - if you remove the original file from first access using Application manager, you can then redownload the game fine in ngage
Feb 2008
Post count:
jayabb | 12:01 - 4 April 2008
Fragmentation strikes again. It seems even the N-Gage client suffers from fragmentation of the Native OS versions, so how well does that bode for the games?
Apr 2008
Post count:
peterp1 | 22:10 - 3 April 2008
To get the slash (/) back, long press the asterisk choose the slash (/) and then delete the asterisk