Is this Logitech's 1st Apple-certified iPhone and iPad controller peripheral?
By Anthony Usher 17 June 2013
Game Name: iOS controllers | Manufacturer: Apple | Format: iPhone, iPad
Last week, we reported that iOS 7 will feature an official game controller API. This will enable third-party peripheral manufacturers to produce their very own Apple-approved iPhone and iPad control pads.

These peripheral makers will, of course, have to adhere to a strict set of guidelines and will have to pass Apple's stringent certification process before they're flogged - no doubt - in the Cupertino company's many retail stores.

According to one of our heavily vetted industry sources, Logitech and MOGA (who both make Android controllers) will release Apple-licensed iPhone-, iPod touch-, and iPad-compatible gamepads before the autumn.

Guess what? Well, we may know what the rumoured Logitech iOS controller looks like.

Yep, the image posted below began to circulate around the internet earlier today. It's reportedly a photograph of an upcoming iOS controller manufactured by - yeah, you guessed it - Logitech.

As you can see, this Logitech-made gamepad features an analogue stick, five face buttons, and some triggers.

Because of Apple's strict MFi (Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod) guidelines, this - and every other certified - controller will work with every iOS game that features controller support.

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